If the buyer does not receive the product you ordered or has a proven defective product, please notify our customer service immediately by phone or email. Defective goods will always be replaced free of charge. In case of defective performance, the buyer may cancel the purchase or request a replacement of the defective product. In the event of a defective product being replaced, our company will arrange for the return of the product, after consultation with the buyer, and will pay any associated charges.

If the product is available, the replaced item will be shipped within 3 to 15 business days of the return of the defective item. If the product is out of stock, the buyer can decide whether or not to keep the order. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase, the price of the returned product will be refunded to him, and if no other product was included in the cart, the shipping fee will be refunded to him. Stock changes will take place after orders for same day have been processed. There are products that cannot be re-ordered or replaced.

In the event of a defective product, the purchased product shall only be replaced if it is proven to be defective.



The products are re-checked prior to shipment to ensure that the customer receives the goods in perfect condition. However, even with the utmost care, the Buyer may be dissatisfied with the Product for any reason. and 19/2014. (IV. 29.) NGM decree.

The products are marketed in full compliance with the applicable Hungarian legal requirements. Products sold by us are warranted under the laws in force at the time of purchase. Durable consumer goods are warranted for two years. The Buyer shall inspect the received product as soon as possible and notify the Seller of any defect or defect immediately, but no later than 2 days after the receipt of the goods.

A product is considered defective:

  • if you do not meet the legal requirements at the time of purchase
  • if you do not have the same quality as the same type of product
  • if it is unsuitable for the same purposes for which the same type of product is normally used
  • If you do not have the properties of the product description or sample
  • if it cannot be used for the purpose intended by the buyer and agreed with the distributor

We are not responsible for improper use of the product (eg overloading, negligent storage), alteration, forcible opening or negligent handling. It is also not a warranty failure if the product is subjected to external thermal, chemical, or excessive physical influences. 

The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and post-purchase damage (breakage, eg when traveling by airplane, bus, etc.). In such cases, we recommend that you seek a claim report from the competent company. In addition, the Seller reserves the right to serve, or not to serve, any prepayment to Buyers who do not regularly comply with the terms of this Agreement or otherwise cause damage to the Seller.

Each product is covered by a 2-year warranty on a possible manufacturing error or hidden defects. The products delivered by our company benefit from a guarantee based on the tax invoice issued and the Certificate of accompanying guarantee. The warranty does not refer to breaking, scratching, exposing to fire or destroying the glass after taking over – except if the glass is broken under delivery. In this case the client must check immediately after the product was handled, and must report to the Seller   in maximum 2 hours from the handle any damage of the glass made by the transportation company (proving with photos). Client can contact the Seller on phone: 0040-(0) 264 701 788, email: Only in this case Seller replace the glass in the shortest time possible or refund the money as the Client want.

 The warranty is forfeited in the following situations:

  1. Incorrect installation, that is to say assembly made without observing the assembly instructions or (in the absence of such instructions without professionalism). All standard products manufactured by Modern Glass Art have assembly instructions. These instructions together with the invoice and the Warranty Certificate are issued to the customer along with the product. If the client from various reasons for losing or not receiving or not finding these documents when handing over the product has the obligation to request in writing from the leading company Modern Glass Art by email: His request will be solved within 48 hours 
  2. Wrong operation or handling, (blows, cracks, chipping, breaking),
  3. The use of incompatible replacement components or accessories 
  4. The use of the products in inadequate conditions (poor water quality, unpowered sockets, improper supply voltages, high temperature and pressure variations, mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, under conditions of dust, noxious, under the action of chemical substances, etc
  5. Inadequate handling, transport
  6. Modifications of the products;

In order to keep the product warranty, the following conditions must be observed:

  1. The glass surface do not clean with abrasive and chemical solutions / substances;
  2. The glass must be cleaned only with solution for cleaning windows and microfiber cloth 
  3. Do not exposure to temperatures greater than 100 degrees Celsius;
  4. For hardware and profiles: do not  clean with acidic solution, or do not keep in acidic environment, do not clean with abrasive solutions / substances;


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